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When you join Christian Bookstore Media Kit you're going to get access to the Facebook Organic Reach course that will show you how to reach more of your customers on Facebook and save money in the process.

3D Product Images

Download hundreds of beautiful 3D images of best selling Christian books, movies and music that you can use in your digital marketing and promotions.

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Download and share image quotes of well known Christian authors and other inspirational content that you can share to inspire your customers and build relationships on social media.

Email and Social Marketing Training

Training videos that will teach you to have greater impact, grow your customer base and generate more money for your business.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Here's a break-down of everything you'll get when you join Christian Bookstore Media Kit.

  • Hundreds of 3D product images to use in your digital marketing campaigns
  • Image and inspiration content to share with your customers on social media
  • Social media and email training courses
  • New content added constantly
  • And more...

I’m In!!! Well done Derek! I believe this tool is of great value to every Retailer looking to connect with his current base of Social media customers as well as add a completely new interested group! FANTASTIC!!

Bob Wood
Bob Wood Foundation Distributing

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