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ESV Publishers Reverse Their Decision

In a recent article I addressed Crossway’s decision to make the ESV translation of the Bible fixed and unchanging, highlighting the fact that 1. such a move suggests that the translation is perfect and 2. it will become unreadable to future generations.

Well it appears since having written that article that the publishers of the ESV have reversed their decision.

As it was reported in Christianity Today online:

“We have become convinced that this decision was a mistake,” stated Crossway president and CEO Lane Dennis in an announcement released today. “We apologize for this and for any concern this has caused for readers of the ESV, and we want to explain what we now believe to be the way forward. Our desire, above all, is to do what is right before the Lord.”

It takes a lot of guts and humility to make such a public reversal, but I’m glad they did.

Now if we could only get KJV publishers to reverse their decision of relying on the Textus Receptus, that would make the job of selling Bibles so much easier. 🙂

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